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So I’ve had this blog for over a month now, and I’ve only produced about 10 entries, which is pretty low, if it’s something that I actually want people to read.  It’s easy to beat myself up about this, because in college, I was quite the prolific blogger.  I was blogging all the time.  I was writing 2 or 3 entries a day on some days.  It was pretty much all melodramatic whining or inconsequential updates on my life, and there’s not a whole lot of work from that time that I’m proud of, but nonetheless, words were making the long and arduous journey from my brain to the computer screen, and regularly! 

So this begs the question, what happened to me?  Did I get boring or complacent?  How did I become so uninspired?  I used to really enjoy writing, and I guess I still do, but now that I’m older, writing has become akin to working out, in the way that once I sit down and start doing it, I really like it and I’m happy and I feel better, but it’s hard to take that first step sometimes, especially when I’m busy or tired or otherwise occupied by my daily life. 

Also, maybe I’ve grown to over-think it.  I only religiously follow about 3 blogs (Young House Love, Making it Lovely, and Bower Power), and they’re all home-decor, DIY, style, young-familyish things, and while I love to read their ideas, I don’t really know if it fits me.  Yes, I own my home, and yes, I’m youngish and like to fix things myself, but the truth is that it’s not really something I’m passionate about right now. 

So when I can’t think of anything to write about that seems relevant or interesting, I just avoid it altogether and mope to myself about yet another thing that I started and didn’t finish.

But! When I wrote yesterday’s post, I really liked how it turned out, and it didn’t have anything to do with my often-crappy job (although I’m feeling markedly less bleak about it currently because of a long holiday break and a generous holiday gift) or my occasional bursts of DIY-Empowered-Woman energy.  It just really seemed to echo my voice, and didn’t sound over-produced or contrived (to me.)

So I think the answer is to write more and stress less, which is probably on some t-shirt somewhere already.  Maybe this is a disclaimer, then, to say that if you’re looking for something specific or thematic or cohesive, this blog may not be it yet.  However, if giving up a theme lets me write more, then it is definitely worth it (to me.)