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I have mentioned that I used to blog in high school and college, and some of these blogs even had custom graphics/backgrounds, because back then, I had a pirated copy of Photoshop 7 (yes, back even before they started calling them CSx), and I taught myself how to use brushes and make headers and blend layers and all of the things that bloggers should know how to do.  Then, I got a macbook and an office job and lost all of my photoshop skills.  I’ve since gotten rid of the macbook (ask me why I’m anti-Mac, I’ll give you an earful!) and tonight, I decided that if I’m going to blog, I should think about maybe including some images? It just so happens that because Elissa is in grad school, we can get a pretty steep discount on it so that I can avoid paying $500+.  In the meantime, I downloaded the free trial and it has been a rude awakening.   One thing is for certain: only suckers try to use Photoshop with a trackpad, so it looks like I’ll be digging out my wireless mouse to use.

So far, the only thing I’ve used it for is to crudely sketch out a possible design for these Ikea Honefoss mirrors that I bought.

I bought 2 packages and I want to stick them to my bedroom wall.  This is what I’ve come up with as a tentative layout:


You have no idea how painstaking it was A) making this graphic (and it’s not even that good!) and B) getting it into this post.  But the point is that I’m learning.  Also that I might have a bad-ass mirror layout on my wall sooner than later.